Lectures 2024

Monthly lectures (except July and August) are held at 7.30 p.m. either on Zoom or in Jubilee Hall, Parsonage Lane Enfield (close to Chase Side). Doors open 7.00 p.m. Visitors are very welcome (£1.50 per person). A map showing the location of Jubilee Hall is available here

The link to access zoom lectures will be sent the day before to all members on our e-mail list and will also be published below.

Friday 12th January Zoom Greenwich Palace
Jane Sidell
Historic England
Friday 9th February Jubilee Hall Recent Discoveries in Saudi Arabia
Anna Nicola
Friday 8th March Jubilee Hall Excavating Large Burial Grounds
Claire Cogar
Friday 12th April Jubilee Hall Society AGM and Elsyng Excavation Report
The short business section will be followed by a report on the 2023 programme of fieldwork and excavation including the work at Elsyng which featured in this year's Digging for 'Britain' programme.
Friday 10th May Jubilee Hall Roman and Bronze age Finds in Walthamstow
Shane Maher
Friday 14th June Jubilee Hall Historic Building Myths
James Wright
Friday 13th September Jubilee Hall Whitechapel Excavations
Dougie Killock
Friday 11th October Jubilee Hall Newgate Street Excavations
Kathy Davidson

Recent Zoom Lectures

Friday 11th November 2023

Tools in Roman London

Owen Humphreys (Senior Finds Specialist, Museum of London Archaeology)

The Museum of London contains one of the largest and best preserved collections of Roman metal tools in Europe. This project, a collaborative venture between the Museum of London and University of Reading, has catalogued over 900 tools from museums and commercial units operating in the city. These objects give an insight into practices which are otherwise almost invisible; woodwork, leatherwork, fine metalworking and urban farming to name a few. In doing so, these objects provide new perspectives on the social, technological, and economic life of the city and its inhabitants. This talk will focus on the key findings relating to the society of Roman London, including evidence of specialisation and cross-craft interaction, changing working practices, immigration and colonial exploitation.

Friday 14th October 2023

10,000 Years of Brentford: The Early History of a Riverside Town

Jon Cotton

Friday 9th September 2023

19 Years Under the Trowel: how Elsyng Palace was Excavated 2004 – 2022

Dr Martin J. Dearne

See below for the video of this talk; the slides can be dowloaded here