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The Society's quarterly bulletin "Society News" is published in March, June, September and December and is free to members. It contains details of forthcoming events, reports of recent meetings, local archaeological and historical news, and the results of EAS research.

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An (incomplete) archive of back-issues of Society News has kindly been made available by Mike Dewbrey and is currently being digitized. Scanned copies are available to download below.

Issues 1 to 49:
No.2, September 1959
  • Forthcoming Lectures
  • Excavations, Perriors Manor, Cheshunt
  • Photographic Survey Group
    formation of group to record features in the district
  • Grim's Dyke, Brockley Hill
    Excavations directed by Dr. J. Kent
  • Roman Pottery, Edmonton
    Discovery of Tettine cup in foundation trenches at 432 Church Street
  • Book List
    Archaeological and related publications
No.4, June 1960
  • Officers and Committee 1960/61
  • Fieldwork 1960
    Call for volunteers
  • Members Night Meetings 1960
  • The Kent Prize
  • Roman Finds from Pymmes Brook, Edmonton
    Pottery and tile fragments continue to be found
  • Bibliography (Prehistoric Archaeology)
  • Museums (Containing Collections Relating to Prehistory)
  • Subscriptions 1960/61
  • New Books
No.5, September 1960
  • Forthcoming Lectures
  • Affiliation
    To the North Middlesex Archaeological Research Committee
  • Meetings for Junior Members
  • Enfield Show 1960
    Plan to arrange a small display
  • Fieldwork 1960
    No dates yet set
  • Bibliography (Roman Britain)
No.7, June 1961
  • Red Herrings
    Editorial on pottery disposal
  • Officers and Committee 1961/62
  • Members Night Meetings 1961
  • Archaeological Bibliography
  • BBC The Archaeologist 1961
  • Field Studies Council
    Upcoming course in Field Archaeology
  • Subscriptions 1961/62
  • Visit to Lullingstone Roman Villa
No.8, September 1961
  • Forthcoming Meetings
  • Latin Scholar Wanted
  • Forty Hall Museum
    Replica Roman coin and mammoth tusk loaned by Society to museum
  • Archaeological Survey
    Dr Kent supervising survey of moated sites
  • Enfield Town Plan
    Discussion, objections and opposition to planned road diversions in Enfield Town
  • Roman Coin Found in Theobalds Park
  • Cathale Priory: A Lost Religious House of the Thirteenth Century
  • Research by Members
    Call for contribution
No.9, December 1961
  • Meeting Place
    will be unavailable after December
  • Forthcoming Meetings
  • South Lodge Estate, Enfield, by Mr. Ian Jones
  • The Site that Never Was
    Pottery scatter in Hadley Wood, associated with nearby railway tunnel construction
No.10, June 1962
  • Members Night Meetings 1962
  • Subscriptions 1962/63
  • A Field Excursion
    Planned trip to Ermine Street route from Ware to Flamstead End
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Excavations, 1962
    Work started on Roman roads near Braughing, Herts.
  • Publications Available
  • Lecture
  • Bronze Age Spearhead, Enfield
    Found in gravel works near Ramney Marsh
No.11, December 1963
  • Reintroduction of the Bulletin
  • A Short History of Elsynge Hall, and an Interim Report on the Excavation Carried out During the Summer of 1963
    The excvation that rediscovered the site of what we now call Elsyng Palace
  • Practical Archaeological Techniques
    Request to Enfield Council for a room in Forty Hall, proposed use for training
  • Appeal from Dr. Celoria
    For volunteers to help with map research at the London Museum
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Meeting on 10th January 1964
No.13, June 1964
  • Aims and Objects of the Society
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Subscriptions
  • Officers of the Society
  • Editorial
    New look for the newsletter, revised borough boundaries
  • Elsynge Hall Excavation
    Plans to resume, June 7th.
  • Members Nights
  • Field Excursion
    Planned to Rye House and Nether Hall
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Lincoln House
    To be demolished, watching brief planned
  • Welches Farm Excavation
    Monitoring and excvation ahead of redevelopment of moated site
  • Typists Required
  • Programme Cards
No.14, September 1964
  • Aims and Objects of the Society
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Editorial
    Poor turnout at Welches Farm rescue dig, further appeal for help with bulletin production
  • Forthcoming Meetings
  • Bush Hill Park Earthworks
  • Lectures, Science Museum
  • University of London Department of Extra Mural Studies University Extension Diploma in Archaeology
  • Excavations, Elsynge, Forty Hall
    Short summary of summer dig
No.17, June 1965
  • Aims and Objects of the Society
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Editorial
    Lecture arrangements, request for comment. Preparation of publication "New History of Enfield" with other societies. Obituary, Mrs T. Wood
  • Elsynge Hall Excavations 1965
    Summary of summer dig
  • Members Nights 1965
  • Lectures
  • Publications Available
  • Repairs at Elsynge Hall
    Account of progress with documentary research, by Miss G.E. Profit, B.A.
  • Heraldry in Enfield (Part 2)
  • A Few Notes on the Early History of St Michaels Hospital, Chase Side
No.18, September 1965
  • Affiliations
  • Dates for Your Diaries
  • Editorial
    Increasing postage cost. Films to be shown at meetings. Dr. Celoria to resign as President.
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Coach Excursion, Colchester
  • Elsynge Hall Excavations 1965
    Progress as planned, results to be discussed at AGM.
  • Fieldwork
    Summary of watching briefs
  • Joint Membership
  • Notes on the Weld Chapel and Christ Church, Southgate
  • Two Enfield Buildings
    Bridge House, Forty Hill and Portcullis Lodge, Baker Street, threatened with demolition
No.22, September 1966
  • Editorial
    Membership figures rising, appointment of Press Officer. Eastern Gas showrooms no longer available for meetings. Progress with New History of Enfield.
  • Film Show and Forthcoming Lectures
  • Fieldwork - Reports and Observers
  • An Archaeological and Historical Report on Southgate House
  • Visit - Salisbury, Rockbourne Roman Villa and Old Sarum
  • Field Excursion - Cheshunt
No.28, March 1968
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Officers and Committee 1968
  • Editorial
    Rising membership, request for administrative help. First research report published. Proposed report on industrial archaeology. Changes to committee.
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Acquisitions
    Books donated to Society collection
  • Excavations 1968
    No EAS digs planned. List of digs in nearby districts.
  • Further Discoveries at Elsynge Hall
    High pressure gas main trench cut through Forty Hall, extensive damage done to palace remains, account of emergency recording work.
  • Moated Homesteads in Hertfordshire, a Preliminary Report
No.37, June 1970
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Editorial
    Account of the "Medieval Frolick" event
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Romano-British Pottery Kilns, Much Hadham, Herts.
No.40, March 1971
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Officers and Committee 1971
  • Third Archaeological Roundabout - Sunday 2nd May 1971
  • Editorial
    Integration of Old Palace House into Cedars Park, possible work to locate and mark Theobalds Palace walls. Propsed drainage of Camlet Moat. D ring road north of Enfield (which would become the M25) to be watched. School to be built on Churchfields Roman site, Edmonton.
  • Library Catalogue
    Formation of Society lending library
  • Constitution
    Amendments made at AGM.
  • Enfield Chase, The Search for Documentary Evidence
  • Elsynge Hall
    Installation of second gas main in Forty Hall, no significant finds.
No.41, June 1971
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Editorial
    "A Survey of the Industrial Monuments in Enfield" published.
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Graffito - Landseer Road
    Graffito found on pottery from Landseer Road in 1966.
  • London Archaeologist
  • Aqueduct - Flash Road
    Ministry of the Environment has been asked to schedule the aqueduct on the old course of the New River
  • The Site at Phipps Hatch Lane
    History of Hilly Fields
  • New River, Whitewebbs
    Small excavation in progress on remains of wooden aqueduct
  • The Enfield
No.42, September 1971
  • Dates for your Diaries
  • Editorial
    Industrial Archaeology report selling well. Flash Lane aqueduct has been scheduled.
  • New Members
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Enfield College of Technology, Industrial Archaeology Conference - Capel House
  • Greater London Industrial Archaeological Society, Bishops Stortford, Harlow Mill Canal Walk
  • Waltham Abbey Historical Society, Walk Along the Lee Navigation
  • Industrial Archaeology in Enfield
    Addresses to obtain copies from
  • Travelling the Roman Roads of Britain
  • Ermine Street: Further Excursions on the Roman Road at Pumps Mead, Puckeridge, Herts, 1970.
No.49, June 1973
  • Editorial
    Problems of arranging meetings programme and venue
  • The Denis Alsford Trophy
  • Diary
  • Members Nights
  • History from a Roman Coin
    Description of coins found at Churchfields and brief biography of Trajan
  • Oh! Yes!
    Speculative fiction - questions asked in parliament Jan. 1st 2101
  • Ermine Street Walk - November 1972
  • Fishbourne Roman Palace - An Outing by the Romano-British Group
  • Industrial Archaeology
    Evening classes to be run by Enfield Council
  • 5th Annual Archaeological Roundabout
Issues 50 to 99:
No.50, September 1973
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Dig in Seventh Avenue
    Now closed. Finds to be shown at Salisbury House
  • Fish-Pickle Sauce at Churchfields
    Description of amphorae sherds
  • The City University - St Johns Street, London
    Details of Adult Education Programme
  • The Woodchester Pavement
  • Ringway 3 (M25) Rescue Committee News
  • Roman Sites in Britain - Part V
  • Railway and Canal Historical Society
  • More Coins from Churchfields
  • Book Review
    Three papers by the Edmonton Hundred Historical Society
  • History Weekend
    To be organised by EHHS at Salisbury House
No.52, March 1974
  • Editorial
    Bulletin items to be delayed. Forthcoming coach outings. Request for articles.
  • Bone Report - 7th Avenue Excavations (July/August 1973)
  • A History of Millfield House, Edmonton, N18. 1760-1974
  • Publications
    Delays to "Prehistoric and Roman Enfield"
  • Archaeological Roundabout
    Cancelled due to petrol prices
  • The Celts Part II : The Everyday Life of the Pagan Celts
  • Diary
No.76, March 1980
  • Forthcoming Events
  • The Defences of Roman London
  • Excavations at Ware
  • PostscriptBBC Chronicle Award for Archaeology, Second World War stop-lines around London
  • Annual Report for 1979
  • Excavations
  • Fieldwork
  • Research
  • New Members
No.77, June 1980
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Lecture Reports
  • Appointments
    to the committee
  • Archaeology and Metal Detectors
  • Field Archaeology (Or What You Will)
  • Open Days, Forty Hall Museum
  • History and Conservation Weekend, 18th and 19th October
  • Obituary
    Miss V. Hilling
  • Excavations and Site Watching
No.78, September 1980
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Lecture Reports
  • Masada
  • Church Lane, Edmonton N.9
    Excavation on waste ground looking for Ermine Street
  • Church Lane
    See above
  • Shopping Precinct, Enfield Town
    Redevelopment about to begin, arrangements made with contractors.
  • 53 Leighton Road, Enfield
    Excavation arranged with owner called off
  • Activities Group Meeting
  • Forty Hill
    Investigation of probable C18th well at The Hermitage
  • Upsdale Avenue, N.13
    Findings of horn-core land drains - details in The London Archaeologist
  • North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton
    Victorian rubbish pit seen in builder's trench
  • Church Street, Edmonton, opp. Fire Station
    Brick culvert seen in electricity trench
  • History and Conservation Weekend, 1980
  • Workrooms, Forty Hall Museum
  • The Hermitage, Forty Hill, Enfield
    More detailed account of well (see above)
  • Members Outing to Chipping Ongar District, Sunday, 28th September 1980
No.79, December 1980
  • Council Charges Force Change of Venue
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Lecture Report
    Peter Huggins: The Christian Background to the Viking Invasions in S.E. England
  • Burleigh House, Enfield
  • Chase Side School, Enfield
  • St Andrews Churchyard, Enfield
    Redevelopment (completed)
  • Resignation
    Mrs Irene Johnson, General Secretary
  • Help
    wanted, new secretary etc.
  • Subscriptions
    Proposed increase in rates
No.80, March 1981
  • Millfield Arts Centre
    description of new lecture venue
  • Subscriptions
  • Middlesex Records
    Announced replacement for Middlesex Records Office
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Reports of Meetings
  • Timber Framed Houses in Scotland Green Road, Enfield
  • WWII Air Raid Shelter, Enfield Grammar School
  • No.58 Silver Street, Enfield
  • A Pair of Boots
    found under floor boards, 8 Chase Green Avenue
  • Ancient Egypt Comes to Enfield
    wooden hand from Egyptian burial donated to the Society
  • Essex Feet of Fines, a Local History Source
No.81, June 1981
  • Absent Friends
    letter from ex-members
  • Visit - House of Commons
    planned, November 2nd 1982
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Lecture Reports
  • Re-Used Materials
  • Why The Experts are Making it Hard for You to Find Digs
  • Postscript to 'A Pair of Old Boots
  • Help
    Wanted, upcoming public events
  • Conservation of Roman Coffin and Burial Cannisters
  • 25th Annual General Meeting
  • Erratum
    Minor correction to 'Excavation of Farmland in the former Parishes of Edmonton and Enfield"
  • Excavation - Edmonton Upper School N9 TQ177/338948
    Investigation of 'crop' mark close to Cambridge Road, candidate for possible line of Ermine Street, which proved to be line of access road for former local brickworks
  • New Members
  • Plea For Assistance
    Research continuing by Geoffrey Gillam into the World Wars in Enfield
No.82, September 1981
  • Brecon House
    (Gentlemans Row, Enfield) Rejection of application to demolish Grade II listed building
  • Excavation at Main Avenue Bush Hill Park
  • New Members
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Lecture Reports
  • Air Raid Shelter Arnos School Wilmer Way Southgate
  • Cast Iron
    Examples of cast ironwork in the Borough
  • Workrooms at Forty Hall
    Weight of pottery collection causing concern, movement to basement of Broomfield House
Issues 100 to 149:
Issues 150 to 199: