18 Dec 2023

Digging For Britain Broadcast Date

digging for britain

The new series of Digging For Britain, featuring this year's summer dig on the site Elsyng Tudor Palace in Forty Hall, will be broadcast on BB2 and will be available on BBC iPlayer beginning Tuesday 2nd January at 8pm. The episode featuring the EAS dig is slated for broadcast on January 9th at 8pm.

palace wall

The 2023 dig was an excellent year for Tudor archaeology, and we are very pleased to be able to share our discoveries with a wider than usual audience.

During this year's search for the inner gatehouse of Henry VIII's palace we discovered several new Tudor structures and, after filming ended evidence for what we currently think may be a substantial palace cellar.

We'll be back in Forty Hall in 2024 to continue the gatehouse hunt, and hopefully explore the hidden depths of Henry's cellars!


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